Feng Shui Focus


Feng Shui Focus is an award winning Feng Shui consultancy based in Singapore dating over 10 years.

Their portfolio range includes local as well as international clients with private households as well as corporate offices.


For Feng Shui Focus, it's all about personal connections and excitement over the evident results.

They help achieve life goals. Whether it's an advancement in your career, meeting the love of your life, or good exam results for yourself or your children, if this is what you desire.


According to Lucy, the founder, Good Feng Shui can improve your health, help clear obstacles or dissolve quarrels, thereby paving your path for increased wealth, health and happiness.

The anniversary of Feng Shui Consultant led the way to Pink Pineapple. It was time to re-brand the business and elevate to with a focussed brand strategy.

We worked directly with Lucy, the owner, who also requested a full brand identity package. This was delivered through Creabuena.

Through our discovery meeting, we realised that there were a lot of details that Lucy wanted to have incorporated into her brand. 

It was a challenge for the whole team to ensure we delivered something that she was happy with as it's so close to her heart.

Feng Shui Focus

What we delivered

After market research, creative brainstorming, industry research and a rigorous process to ensure every brand strategic touchpoint was in place, we delivered a solid brand strategy with fantastic new sophisticated brand identity.

The deep dive brand strategy manifesto was delivered according to the detailed and tough creative brief submitted by the client. This also including a fresh new strapline 'Activating your space'.

The Brand Manifesto content:

Who is Feng Shui Focus

Purpose, Vision & Mission

Our values

The client experience

What do we sound like and what style do we carry

Who are we not and where do we fit in the market

Identity Moodboard

Book Mockup.png

The Brand Design

Pink Pineapple worked together with Creabuena who developed a  complete brand identity with new colours, fonts, guidelines and templates to ensure a consistent implementation. 





Anna Seefeldt, Pink Pineapple


Petra Peltoniemi, Creabuena