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The most common reason customers get in touch is because their business is starting to be more established and no longer have enough time and they need someone to bring their marketing to the next level. Sound familiar?

At Pink Pineapple the main aim is to explore new ways with you and to give your work a critical eye and prepare your business for the next level. With years of experience, it's about elevating your efforts and bringing your business and brand to an even better position.

By having a strong brand, you have a clear vision of what you want people to say about your business when you are not there to explain it. We can all describe our friends, it’s the same for a brand, just a little more 'calculated'. 

When you think about your business and the heart of the brand. You are in a way, talking about the personality of the company, as if it was a person. It's your job to create that personality that you want your business to be portraying.

If you feel your business needs a branding push, let us know. We collaborate in a network with all the resources to give you what you need.


Why branding is an important part

of any marketing effort

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