Five simple ways to avoid email conflict and improve communication

How many emails do you get per day? An average office inbox receives 121 emails per day. Spread that across more or less active companies and you quickly know that some will receive a lot more than that. So how do you get positive engagement?


We use our phones on average just over 3 hours a day. We read on our way to a meeting or to pick up the kids. We don't pay as much attention as we should and a quick read can sometimes cause miscommunication. So how can you ensure that your emails are being read? Let me give you some short yet simple tips on how you can improve.

1. Always be clear about what your email is about. Do you need an answer? If so, by when? Are you simply informing about something, make that clear.

It's similar to a presentation in front of an audience. Tell them what you are going to tell them, then you tell them, then you tell them what you have told them. It might sound crazy, but I can assure you, it's a good method to follow according to Toastmasters International.


2. Do you have a problem that needs solving?

Always present a possible solution rather than just informing what has happened. Customer loyalty will increase if you show you have thought about it and presents a solution. Otherwise, you are simply leaving the problem for someone else to solve. (if there is a massive error... go straight to point 5).


3. Keep it short and simple.

No one likes reading emails. Today over 50% of people read it on the mobile. Keep it short and to the point. If someone is responding to your newsletter, make sure you respond personally and not with a standard phrase. I guarantee you, it will be very transparent if you do.

4. Never start an argument over email. (If you sense tension, use point 5).

Take a little time before you respond. It's better to calm down and then reply. Remember, retention (keeping your existing customers) is more important than acquisition (finding new customers). This can cost you money.


5. Don't send an email.

Pick up the phone and resolve the matter in less time. Is the person difficult to get hold of? Send a message that you will be calling at a certain time about a matter that is important relating to X and you need 15min of their time. Ask for confirmation.

This way it can be scheduled and dealt with correctly. Larger companies might have customer service via Twitter, but as a small company who is relying on loyal ambassadors. You can't afford the bad reputation and customer service is key.

Every customer in the world loves to feel special. Ensure you include a special note next time your email a campaign. Give the person a special offer to ensure they know they are important to you. Before you know it, you have more business coming your way.


Anna Seefeldt is your practical, straight-talking brand strategy consultant. She founded Pink Pineapple to help small business owners build strong brands that allow them to elevate to the next level and run successful enterprises. By collaborating with experts in supporting fields like designers and photographers, she has all your brand needs covered. Anna loves all things champagne, shoes & tea!

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