VeganBurg Audit by Pink Pineapple

Veganburg burgers

VeganBurg is a popular vegan burger restaurant with branches in San Francisco and Singapore, where they have been operating since 2010. It has gained a loyal customer base and unique product offering. With plans to expand its franchise further, Pink Pineapple was excited to be asked by Founder, Mr Alex Tan, to audit their branding and marketing strategy.

With Anna Seefeldt as the lead strategist, we took a step back and reviewed what VeganBurg had done to date. The successful brand had undergone an exciting expansion plan across the US back in 2015, but it was evident that running outlets across two separate continents was not without its complications. VeganBurg needed to ensure its branding and marketing were correctly aligned before expanding further.

Mr Tan’s mission is to bring tasty 'east meets west' plant-based recipes that are more sustainable than meat alternatives, while still satisfying customer expectations for quality food products. The challenge for Pink Pineapple was how to find the link between the company vision and product line to meet these demands.

Research found that the general company branding needed to be consolidated to fulfil its desired positioning; and all communication channels and key messages needed to be updated to satisfy the demanding target audience. An audit was submitted highlighting essential areas, together with suggestions, to help it fulfil its plan for success.

Veganburg Picnic

As with any growing business, it's essential to evaluate what's working and what's not regularly. During our work with VeganBurg, Pink Pineapple extensive report identified, amongst many other details, that:

  • The brand was portrayed inconsistently in many instances and recommended that this be corrected before expanding further.

  • Details such as font usage, logos, graphics, colours and images needed updating to ensure consistent branding across all marketing materials and communication. This is vital for customer trust and to illustrate that you are driving a current business.

  • A new communication focus was required which brought stronger connections between the brand and its customers rather than focused on food alone. People buy from people, and they need to know who they are buying from. This should always be part of any marketing plan.

  • The vision had a strong connection to sustainability. Suggestions were developed to introduce more of this in the general brand communication by connecting to the 4 elements to match four food seasons to give the customers a clear connection between the seasonal vegan burgers with unique flavours and their relationship with the planet.

  • Their mission is to prove that fast food can still exist and yet still help save the planet. We worked to develop partnerships to reach audiences that might otherwise not consider the brand.

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VeganBurg offers tasty plant-based sustainable alternatives to the otherwise saturated market. It has big plans for expansion, and we can't wait to see the results. To find out more and even try one of their tasty burgers yourself, visit


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