"Every great design begins
with an even better story."

– Lorinda Mamo

Review of Past Projects

Effective Consulting


Henshaw Advisory was a new start-up who contacted us with only a name. We ​developed full strategy, corporate identity and website.


Heart Living is a well known and respected business in Singapore with a loyal clientele. The founder and owner wanted to strengthen its service offering and had clear ideas of the direction it needed to take but needed support to define it.


We worked together to identify key areas and to determine the company's unique selling point. The result delivered a structured base upon which the company can grow and develop.​

An accent font was introduced for social media. The existing logo got a facelift with a new more modern font and new brand colours.


The Farmers Market is the award-winning butcher in HK and Singapore. They appointed Pink Pineapple to review their social media hashtags. 

We reviewed existing hashtags and applied further expanded options and proposed a hashtag strategy for best exposure.


Pink Pineapple offers services to start-ups and small business in Singapore and abroad. We work to ensure your brand is up-to-date and suitable for your target market. We do research to ensure you are targeting the right customers and we plan and strategize to ensure business development is always showing positive results.

What can we do for you?


As the worlds first Vegan burger joint, VeganBurg has come a long way since their start in 2010.


Pink Pineapple was appointed to review their existing marketing efforts and to propose an updated plan for 2021 to suit their plans for expansion into franchise in Singapore and the US. 

The work included target market research, internal marketing audit and brand strategy review.


The brief came from a new start up. The strategy was almost there and a logo and professional photography was needed.

We started the project with a questionnaire to find out the key areas for this future new business that we should highlight.

The result delivered a concise strategy together with corporate identity and elevated branded imagery. 


Expat Consulting is a boutique business service provider offering company registration, financial and HR services to the local community and abroad. 

They had been in business a few years and realised they needed to bring in more personality into their brand to better visually represent the brand that they are. 

With an inclusion of a script font,  personal imagery and tone of voice, their social media engagement increased immediately and new business was a fact.

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