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Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy is a newly started business focussing on clients dealing with stress, anxiety, hopelessness, emptiness, low self-esteem etc. It's a place offering a safe space in an empathetic, non-judgmental and collaborative environment.

The owner contacted Pink Pineapple with a brief to develop a mini brand to test the market. She wanted help in creating a brand that was ensuring the potential clients of its down to earth and personable experience before they even walk through the door.  It needed to be a relaxed and friendly environment as natural and authentic as possible.


We researched the target market and competition and put together key elements that would allow for the business to open its doors with confidence.


Talk Therapy


Health, Wellness, Brand Strategy, Website Development, Branding, Logo Design

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Brand Strategy & Guidelines

Talk Therapy Logo

To appeal to the defined audience and market, a clear and simple strategy was developed. Kind yet straight-talking. A combination of modern yet natural style; a clear, simple and approachable logo applied in an earthy and approachable colour palette and environment.


Brand strategy, Logo Design, Landing page & Photoshoot with a partner company.

Talk Therapy Mockup



Anna Seefeldt, Pink Pineapple


Petra Peltoniemi, Creabuena


Silke Dietz, Zebra Jojo