Australian High Commission

Australian High Commission is the source for the latest and most up-to-date information about Australia and its relationship with Singapore. Here you find honest information based on facts and research. A trust resource for anyone with an interest in Australia. They bring together the best of the new nations to present what we can achieve together.

They wanted to expand their reach to their target marketing by starting an Instagram page and be more active on their general social pages.


They contacted Pink Pineapple to discuss what options they had. Together with a local research company, we worked together to develop a strong and personal brand strategy that appeals to the audience they are focussing on. 


On social, they want to invite you to take part in the daily lives of what goes on behind the doors at AHC. They also want to take you on a journey to the best Australia has to offer no matter what you are looking for.

We started the process with brainstorming ideas of  what questions pop up from the audience, what situations are they in, how do they live their lives? Together with the marketing research received, we defined the strategy step by step.

We built a story around the customer journey where it was clear how they would feel and what they would expect to receive from the Australian High Commission when visiting the site.

Step by step we put together the building block of this social personality to suit other brands that would sit alongside it. 

When the manifesto was approved, we left the work in the capable hands of Creabuena who developed an impactful colour palette together with templates and icons to suit.

The result is a vibrant social brand that makes visitors feel welcome yet is calm and authoritative with just the right balance of tone to reach its audience.


Australian High Commission

Creative Brief

Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 6.20.33 PM.png

We need a brand strategy aligned with our organisational goals and a brand identity on social that is efficient to use,

flexible across applications, and able to feature localized content in a globally consistent way.


Brand Strategy and Identity guidelines covering:

Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Brand Promise, Tone of voice. 

It was established what the brand is not and how we want the audience to feel when they interact with the brand.

The visual deliverables included colours, typography, social media composition, iconography and imagery guidelines. 

AHC Strategy Mock up with background.png
AHC Laptop Mockup.png



Anna Seefeldt, Pink Pineapple


Petra Peltoniemi, Creabuena